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our mission

Providing sanctuary and a continuum of care to heal, empower and employ women survivors of sex trafficking.

our vision

A lifelong sisterhood of hope, healing and freedom.
About 1

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our faith

Bloom is a faith-based non-profit, but services are NOT based on a religious commitment. Regardless of religious beliefs, we provide unconditional acceptance, empathy and grace for all.

"For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes."

Romans 1:16 NLT

our organization

In early 2021, two non-profit organizations (Truth For Women and Bloom Bangor), both dedicated to empowering women survivors of sex trafficking in the Lehigh Valley, came together as one (Bloom) to become a stronger force in the fight against sex trafficking in our community.

Together as one, Bloom offers sanctuary and a continuum of care to heal, empower and employ women survivors of sex trafficking. As a faith-based non-profit, Bloom empowers women to heal and create a new future through its 24-hour care emergency stabilization home, its two-year residential program, and its independent living housing.

Truth For Women’s History:

Truth for Women was originally founded in 1999 to cultivate a spiritually healthy community by building a vibrant network of women from every social, economic, and denominational background who would share strengths, resources, and information that would help women understand and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. Volunteer and community leader, Sally Hall, galvanized these dedicated women and resources from many churches in the Lehigh Valley to launch what was originally The Women’s Center.

Incorporated in 2004, Truth for Women offered three distinct services: networking, a women’s center, and a resale boutique. The strong network continued to grow to include support from a large number of collaborative organizations, as well as individuals, who come together to share strengths, resources, and information to fulfill our mission of providing sanctuary and emergency stabilization to survivors of sex trafficking.

This network helped Truth For Women to support The Women’s Center of the Lehigh Valley that opened to provide a resource and safe haven where women would be treated with honor and respect and would offer them help, hope, and healing. This facility, The Heather House (formerly known as the Truth Home), continues to offer a safe haven for women and provides emergency shelter for sexually exploited women. The upscale resale boutique, My Sister’s Closet, first opened its doors in 2008 to help fund the ministries of Truth for Women and continues to be a major funding source for Bloom today.

Bloom Bangor’s History:

Launched in 2016, Bloom was modeled after the successful Thistle Farms Nashville program that was founded in 1997. The programs were designed not just to help a subculture of women, but to help change the culture itself. The organizations stand in solidarity with women who are recovering from sexual abuse, violence and life on the streets, and who have paid dearly for a culture that buys and sells women like commodities.

Bloom Bangor, which is now named the Jasmine House, is a two-year residential housing program with a community-based motto of “love heals” and named after the first woman graduate. Bloom Bangor helps residents to live honest, sober and self-sufficient lives and provides them with educational and vocational opportunities. Bloom fosters self-understanding through personal and spiritual growth counseling; life-skills building and maintenance education; access to medical and dental care; opportunities to work toward economic self-sufficiency through Bloom Creative Studio and other business partners.

Bloom Bangor’s programs advocate living gracefully in community with one another. New residents are given a key and are offered the necessary resources to maintain recovery, heal from childhood wounds, become physically healthy and find employment. Residents, graduates, staff and volunteers share daily tasks, offer hospitality, build upon each other’s strengths, and provide compassionate, disciplined support. 

Our Homes

As part of our mission, Bloom operates four homes in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania to help women survivors of sex trafficking throughout their journey – helping them to start over, to begin to heal and providing them with the hope to transition to a better life.

The Heather House (formerly known as the Truth Home) is a 24-hour care emergency stabilization home where women are given everything they need to start over beyond a life of violence – essential personal hygiene supplies, new pajamas and undergarments, clean clothing, healthy food – all at no cost to them. The caring round-the-clock staff provides personal mentoring, on-site case management, life skills training, and access to mental health and medical treatment. Dedicated volunteers are on-site for creative activities, small group discussions, and field trips. Each survivor is given the time and space to regain her voice and resume power over her life.

The Jasmine House (formerly known as Bloom Bangor) is a two-year residential program for survivors of sex trafficking, trauma and addiction. It helps heal, empower and employ women survivors through safe housing, trauma-informed programming, partnerships with treatment providers, vocational and educational training, and ongoing connections with a growing community of supporters that believe it’s never too late to start over. This program operates without 24-hour staff or live-in supervision and all services are offered to the women participants at no cost to them.

The Lilac and Lily Houses are fee-based, independent living opportunities for program graduates as they transition to a life of independence.

What Our Clients Say

My Sister’s Closet

Our upscale resale boutique, My Sister’s Closet, located in Bethlehem, Pa., provides financial support for Bloom.

About 2

Creative Studio

About 3We believe art heals and that everyone deserves a chance to start over.  The Bloom Creative Studio in Bangor, Pa., is a supportive workplace for women leaving lives of addiction and violence. Our Studio offers art classes as well as hosts parties and events for the public, and our gift shop offers handcrafted items made with love and purpose. All purchases help blaze a path for physical, mental and economic freedom for women survivors. For more information, click here

our leadership

Carol Andersen


Rebekah Fritchman

my sister's closet

Vickie Nisbet

director of development

Laura McNeely

studio manager
bloom creative studio

Lorna Clause

residential service dir.
heather house

Karin Collura

bloom creative studio

Bloom Board Members:

Maureen O’Meara

Board CO-Chair
Board Advancement Committee Chair
Retired Business Development

Sally A. Slifer Ryan

Board CO-Chair
committee chair
retired business owner

Jessica Armstrong, Esq.

Board Vice Chair
Strategic planning committee chair
assoc. general counsel,
st. luke's university
health network

Sharon Garretson

Board Treasurer
Finance specialist,
merck & Co., Inc.

Autumn Reif

Board secretary
registered nurse, st. lukes university health network

Karen Higgins

marketing Committee Chair
Retired Business Owner

Heather LaBarre

board member
dir. of field education, kutztown university

Loren Rabbat

Board Member
high school english teacher

Lori O'Connor

board member
sphr, shrm-scpr
director of human resources, ppl Corp. & adjunct prof., desales univ.

Deb Walter

director of development, desales university

Mark Sessanta

founder & ceo,
Stark financial group

Lorna Clause

BOARD MEMBER, ex-officio
residential service dir.,
heather house

Dr. Lorri Tomko

tomko dental associates

Bloom Advisory Council

Marc Granson

Elizabeth Meade

Tim Mulligan

Kathleen Waterbury Reilly

Denise Spence

Joe Topper


Bloom hosts numerous events throughout the year to raise awareness about sex trafficking, as well as to fundraise to support survivors of sex trafficking. See our events page for more details on upcoming events and how you can host your own event.

job opportunities

Thank you for your interest.  At this time, we do not have any job opportunities available at Bloom.  Please check back periodically, as opportunities are posted frequently.


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